Chord Electronics Etude Power Amplifier Now On Demo!

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tumblr ffcfeecbcd f

Hi Everyone,

Another quick blog to just say that we now have the new Chord Etude amplifier on permanent demo, this is a total re-design of Chord’s amplifier topology and although it may look small at 150 watts per channel it will drive most speakers with ease and at a cost of £3900 it won’t break the bank.

I set it up for a demo yesterday comprising of a Melco N1ZH into the Chord Hugo TT2 and M Scaler into the Etude driving the new PMC Fact.8 Signatures and I have to say that it really did sound particularly sweet giving great separation and transparency along with speed and a certain delicacy, as a system it really works and it also has the advantage of being a very stylish system that on the electronics side is quite small so it is a win win.

The Etude is now on permanent demo so if you ever fancy a listen please feel free to pop in for a listen.



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