Ever Wondered Why PMC Speakers Sound So Good?

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Hi Everyone,

Firstly I just want to thanks to everyone who came to our PMC Fact Launch event last weekend, it was a busy one again and the Fact.8 and Fact.12 Signatures went down really well, the Fenestria room definitely got a reaction, most people loved it but it is a big sound and I think some people just weren’t used to it, all in all though I have to say all 3 rooms sounded brilliant and the new Signatures really are quite a step up over the older designs, it is amazing how updating the crossover can make that much difference.

Anyway, onto the point of the blog, for anyone who didn’t come to the event PMC bought a cutaway speaker of the Twenty.21 to show how their Advanced Transmission Line works so I thought it was worth sharing, it is a very elaborate design but changing the length and shape of the line + trying different materials really does give PMC the opportunity to tune the speaker to however they want to, it is a much more flexible design but it just takes a lot more work to get right in development and also to build for the customer, you can see why PMC are one of the only manufacturer’s who now make Transmission line speakers.

I always say that the Transmission like is like adding another bass driver to the cabinet as it gives extra bass extension and it also makes the speaker think it is bigger than the cabinet actually is so you always get this big soundstage that always defies the size of the speaker, all very clever stuff indeed.

Needless to say we have the full PMC speaker range on permanent demo so please feel free to come in anytime to experience them.



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