A Short Promo Video For Our New Website!



Hi Everyone,

Exciting times ahead as we get ready to launch our new website, it has been quite a while in the making but the end is in sight and I just wanted to share this short video we have shot, this is the 1 minute version and the director’s cut ‘Lord Of The RIngs’ Mammoth 2 minute version will be on the new websites homepage once launched.

I’d like to thank Ian at IDB-Creative for doing a brilliant job as he didn’t have the best material to work with in all honesty but once I saw the final edit I was over the moon, please find a link to his website below –


I actually didn’t realise I was going to be in the video in all honesty, so sorry if it is more of a video nasty but hope you enjoy it, I think it paints a pretty good picture of what we offer and the level of customer service we strive to achieve.

Enjoy and Look forward to hearing people’s thoughts, hopefully ?



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